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About, in English

MyAdminAdvisor makes it easier for people to access government services. For example schools, hospitals and courts. People need documents to access these government services. For example, a birth certificate, a property deed or a driver’s license.

Worldwide, people have to follow complicated instructions. It should be easy. But it’s not.

Now, problems of missing, unclear or incorrect instructions will be solved as MyAdminAdvisor crowd-sources good governance with its enabling technology.

This is done by finding problems and suggesting improvements to the online government information that tells people how to get the documents they need to access government services. MyAdminAdvisor’s innovative use of crowdsourcing software will lead to substantial change in online information and processes.

The business model is based on a blend of franchise strategies for the moderators and strategic partnerships for an array of organisations including diaspora associations, academic institutions, money transfer organisations, and other software providers.

The prototype is being developed in Rome, Italy. It is designed to be flexibly replicated worldwide.

MyAdminAdvisor is based on an innovative amalgamation of softwares, including facilitation of multiple languages.

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